Bruce Manning
Film and Video Producer - Member of I.A.T.S.E

Bruce A. Manning BIO

After college Bruce A. Manning landed an internship on the very first “Star Trek” the movie. One of the top production companies in the world, then Robert Abels. Bruce A. Manning worked on commercials like AT&T, Levis, Amtrak, Phillips Radios, 7up, to name a few.
He moved up the ladder to the Walt Disney movie “Tron” He along with many talent artist and creative directors pieced together an eye popping collection of images including the “Tron” poster,
Advancing forward Bruce continued to climb the ladder of success in Hollywood, and landed a position as 2nd assistant cameraman on the movie “Top Gun” working closely to director Tony Scott and Director of Photography Wayne Kimball, Bruce doing the clapper slate helped make the movie with stars including Tom Cruse , Meg Ryan, among others.
Bruce landed a nice position on Terminator II, 2nd unit. Bruce A. Manning learned valuable skills working with cars and camera cars, insert cars and odd camera mounts. Bruce learned a lot and sharpened his craft quick. The director, award winning James Cameron a very good director expected the best.
Soon after he started producing his own productions and also developed a popular stock footage library of 35mm film images that brought in income from royalties for years. Highlighted images in his cache were road images shot in Joshua Tree National Park these special road and car images were shot on 35mm film cameras out the back of his 1992 silver Ford Mustang using a Ubangie to off-set mount in the trunk of the car putting the camera inches off the road giving a very close look to the road, these images propelled him upward. National car commercials used these images in Ford, Chevy, Toyota cars and trucks.